Transpersonal Nurse Coaching is dedicated to bringing transpersonal understanding and the transpersonal skills of meditation, imagery, energy practices, and psychosynthesis into health professions.

What is transpersonal understanding?

Meaning beyond the personality, transpersonal refers to the deeper qualities in human nature – inner peace, inner wisdom, life purpose and oneness. Often thought of in spiritual or religious terms, these qualities objectively exist in each person without exception regardless of belief or background. By knowing how to awaken these qualities in your patients, you bring an added healing dimension to your work. 

What are the benefits of studying and practicing Transpersonal Nurse Coaching?

Our students are professional nurses who are seekers and intuitively drawn to topics such as meditation, spirituality, energy, healing, human potentials. The beauty of our transpersonal study together is that you first learn it by experiencing it for yourself.

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How does transpersonal understanding help nurses?

Our students learn skills based on deep clinical understanding to reduce patients’ stress and fear and to increase their well-being, courage, hope and inspiration in their healing process. Applied to cancer care, addictions recovery, cardiac care, women’s health, anxiety and fear and many other life challenges, It gives a nurse the ability to walk into any clinical setting and affect a positive change in the patients’ physical, mental and emotional status.

Transpersonal nurse training consists of...

- Creating a relationship oftrust with your patient/client

- Cultivating awareness, presence and self-knowing

- Connecting with inner wisdom

- Establishing patient/client-centered goals

- Assessing readiness to change

- Effective communication skills

Transpersonal Nurse Coaching was created by the founders of The Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center. Founded in 1980, HMIC is an international training group based in Huntington, Long Island, New York. In addition to our clinical work with patients and clients in the metropolitan New York area, we have trained professionals throughout the United States and in Montreal, Toronto, Florence, Amsterdam, Cologne, Munich and Stockholm.